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For two fictive business cases, we have developed an IoT solution in order to show potential customers how we solve problems using state of the art technology. In the first case, we have an airport that wishes to switch to electrical vehicles and use solar panels to power and charge them. They want to be able to monitor the energy levels of their on-location batteries, and of their vehicles, and predict whether their solar output alone is enough to charge them. In the second case, we have a chemical plant that wishes to monitor and automate chemical processes. They want to be able to view the status of their plant in real time, but also want to start using this data to automatically control machines Challenges In both cases, you will use a variety of sensors to monitor the situation, collect data into a backend service, display this data and act based on this data. To help you on your way, we provide a fully working yet incomplete IoT setup with a raspberry pi, that is already connected to a multitude of sensors and sends its data to a backend system. This raspberry pi is running a python script. In the backend, we are collecting data in an IoT platform called Cumulocity. On this platform, we have prebuilt components to display our data, we can deploy angular applications, and run custom code.

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Your Role

  • Investigate and understand the current setup that is present
  • Learn about IoT connectivity
  • Learn about IoT platforms
  • Develop solutions to be deployed on the IoT edge
  • Develop solutions on the received data


  • Result oriented and creative 
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills 
  • Eager to learn and grow
Bachelor in de elektronica-ICT: Electronica
Bachelor in de elektronica-ICT: ICT
Bachelor in de toegepaste Informatica
Graduaat in het programmeren
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all year long
vrijdag, 9 oktober, 2020 - 10:00 tot vrijdag, 9 april, 2021 - 10:00