Data – why and how setting up a data governance

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What is data governance? What does it mean? Which tool exist and what are the possibility and power. Why would company invest in data governance program.

Data governance is a widely used termed and on top of the big player there is more and more competitor that proposed different solution. What are the possible implementation using cloud technology and respecting the privacy on the data.

The idea is to find how the data catalogue can be maintained build and set up. The idea would be to gather metadata of different data systems and to make each data items searchable and check how the workflow linked to it could be set up.


The first challenge would be to figure out which tools can be used for building a modern and manageable data catalogue

Then the second challenge will be to define how this needs to be used and maintain.

Third the technology that could be used should be compared in order to highlight the pro’s and cons of every possible technology.

Fourth implement a small data catalogue using the selected technology.  

Gewenst profiel: 

Your Role 

  • Investigate the different data catalogue offering
  • Understand how to use them and the pro’s and con’s
  • Develop a first implementation of the selected tool  
  • Make the information about the different data governance and data catalogue available.


  • Result oriented and creative  
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills  
  • Eager to learn and grow 
Bachelor in de elektronica-ICT: Electronica
Bachelor in de elektronica-ICT: ICT
Bachelor in de toegepaste Informatica
Graduaat in het programmeren
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