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ProDigest BV
Organisation description: 
ProDigest is a spin-off company from Ghent University, specialized in the development of laboratory model systems of the human and animal intestinal tract. The use of these unique reactor systems allows ProDigest to have a detailed look inside the body and to simulate each stage of the stomach and intestinal digestion in a laboratory setup. This way, the fate of foods, food ingredients and pharmaceuticals in the intestine and their health effects can be studied in great detail. We are a young and dynamic company in rapid development. ProDigest started its activities as a contract research company, testing actives for food and pharmaceutical industry, and has now developed a mixed structure, consisting of both a contract research group which provides services to customers in the food, feed, and pharmaceutical sector and an R&D group which develops novel biorelevant simulatory technologies that can then be implemented in the contract research.
Chemie en farmacie

Regarding the further expansion of its R&D team, ProDigest is hiring a lab technician which is eager to work on different research topics in parallel and has a strong scientific background, a demonstrated history in working with several analytical techniques that can be used to selectively quantify biomolecules, microbial metabolites and APIs in complex matrices.

Position Description

As lab technician, you become an essential part of the daily organization and performance of the laboratory activities. You will provide the necessary practical support and analytical insights for the performance of the R&D team and you will actively participate in such projects as part of the team. As part of this, working accurate, with respect to time limits and according to the highest lab standards is an essential part of the job description.

ProDigest’s lab activities relate both to intestinal microbiology, biotechnology, cell biology and (bio)chemistry, and drug dissolution and permeation of oral dosage forms. You will therefore be able to work with an array of different tools and analytical techniques, including basic microbiology, molecular analysis tools (e.g. qPCR, fingerprinting), ELISA, biochemical analysis (GC, HPLC, enzymatic assays) etc. Furthermore, you will work with the ProDigest SHIME technology platform, simulating the human and animal digestive tract in the lab. Next to this you will be heavily involved in drug dissolution/permeation testing of APIs. Considering the continuous growth in ProDigest’s development of pharma-oriented simulatory pre-clinical in vitro tools the successful candidate will be highly involved in implementing and/or developing new analytical methods to quantify the concentrations of several classes of molecules and applying these methods to generate data of the fate of APIs in our simulatory models.

Required profile: 

Key criteria for the assessment of candidates

·       Bachelor in Biomedical Laboratory Technology or similar

·       Previous experience in microbiology, molecular biology and/or biochemistry is an asset

·       Being familiar with and/or having a demonstrated history of working with several analytical techniques (GC-FID, HPLC-DAD, and HLPC-FD)

·       Able to work independently, yet also a team player as close communication/coordination is crucial

·       Accurate and precise (both in work output, respect for lab safety and timely performance)

·       Flexible and comfortable in multi-tasking

·       Responsible and integer (transparent in work performance, yet respecting confidentiality)

·       A result-oriented, outgoing attitude with a high level of energy and eager to learn

·       Excellent communication skills, fluent in English is an asset

·       Familiar with MS Word and Excel

How to apply?: 


Frédéric Moens

Head of R&D

ProDigest BV

Technologiepark 94

B-9052 Gent-Belgium


Application deadline: 
16/11/2020 - 10:30 to 14/02/2021 - 10:30